Online courses can be a better learning enviroment for students

Robert Beaver

Online education should be placed among man’s greatest ideas like duct tape and the wheel.

Online classes mean no more sitting through long, boring lectures from wacko instructors

You don’t have to listen to that one student who always interrupts everything and starts talking about himself like everyone is in group therapy and no more neglecting the small, important things like nutrition, just to make it to class on time.

But the best part about taking online courses is that students get to go to class in their underwear.

That’s the beauty of online classes. Students can literally roll out of bed naked, hair all lop-sided, and crawl over to the computer to have some education for breakfast.

There are fewer things like proper nutrition, deciding what to wear, and commuting to worry about.

Now, students can focus on education.

The online classroom provides a more comfortable and effective learning environment than the classroom. In other words, students have the ability to personalize their learning environment, which would mean more focused studying sessions for students.

A personalized learning environment is better than what the smelly classrooms offer on campus. Classrooms also offer a room temperature that is always too hot or cold and never in between, and the instructors’ teaching aids like the computer and projector don’t always work.

Ever spent the first 20 minutes of class sitting there while the instructor troubleshooted his equipment?

How can students focus under these classroom conditions?

The naysayer might argue that there are too many distractions at home and that it is harder for students to focus on the material, than in a classroom.

There’s a simple solution for that. Turn off the television and stop texting your best friend.

The classroom has it’s distractions as well. How can you expect the hormone-enraged male students to focus in class when there are so many beautiful women sitting in their chairs, you know, being all distracting?

The naysayer might also add that students are more likely to fail their online courses. Can you read? Because that’s all it really takes to be successful in the online environment.

The online environment forces students to open the books.

If students can’t open a book and read it, then they probably don’t belong in college in the first place.

In an online course, the material is all based on the textbook, as it is in the classroom, only that students can still pass a classroom course based on the professor’s instruction and without actually reading the book. There is a saying: “Intelligent people can teach themselves.”

What a great way to test that idea.