Professors aren’t paid to humiliate their students

Lauren Gandara

Teachers who call out their students in front of the entire class are pretty mean because they seem to find some sense of joy in humiliating other people.

No one likes being called out in general, so to call out students in front of their peers because maybe they failed a test or their cellphone went off on accident sucks.

For the ones watching the humiliation take place, it can be a good laugh until the teacher decides to draw his attention toward you and you are left there with your head down and red like a tomato from the utter shame while your fellow students stare at you and giggle like it’s the first grade and you just peed your pants.

Teachers might as well sit students in the corner of the class with a dunce cap on their head.

It is incomprehensible as to why teachers feel the need to embarrass their students.

Maybe it is just a cycle of teachers that pick on students and when those students become teachers, they feel the need to do the same.

If it was the other way around, teachers would not enjoy going to class. So does that mean students should just put up with it?

We are told to have respect for our elders and in turn, give respect, get respect. If the teachers don’t show the students respect, why should they show their teachers any?

They do not get paid to call people out, they get paid to teach. Period.

It doesn’t make a student want to show up to class if the teacher is putting a spotlight on them. What does calling them out do to benefit students?

All it does is make the students hate their teachers more and more as the semester progresses.