Cerritos College counselors are not that effective?

Dafne Bravo

We all dread the long process of waiting just to meet with a counselor here at Cerritos College.

The worst comes when you have met with the counselors and not all your questions have been answered because the limited time you can be in their office.

Having the option to meet with different counselors can either be a good experience or bad.

Yet for the most part fellow students have mentioned more negative comments about counselors than positive.

One of the main issues is miscommunication between counselor and student.

It is constantly brought up by different students that counselors usually give the wrong information and advice on what classes to take.

It ends up turning into a waste of time and money for students.

It is becoming more of an issue, yet who is it to blame? Students or counselors? The fact is that students need to be more informed and take this subject more serious.

It has become more apparent that students are taking longer to complete their units in order to transfer.

Maybe it is time to give it the importance of solving this constant problem. Extending the meeting time a student is allowed to have with a counselor can be a good start.

If some counselors do not make it a priority to give each student the attention he needs, then how is it expected for students to move forward out of Cerritos College successfully?

It is a counselor’s responsibility to make an effort to become more involved in and concerned with this chaotic miscommunication, especially since they are getting paid to assist us.

We cannot generalize that every counselor is not effective on campus because there have been other good comments, but for the most part the ones with good experiences are because the students get advised to make an appointment with a specific counselor from other students or professors.

Before you meet with a counselor, you should write down the questions you may have.

Make sure that your questions are answered, and you do your homework on your concerns prior to your meeting.