Being called out wrap up

Lauren Gandara and Lauren Gandara

Since my article on teachers calling out students was published, I now more than ever stand behind my opinion.

I have witnessed the remarks made to students and I think about every class I have had where teachers call students out.

Sometimes teachers are very harsh. Some think that students are smart alecs and take joking around to harsh blows.

They criticize them by what they know about them and some students are sensitive and take it to heart.

Yes, some students can be quite rude and don’t know when to shut their mouths to where the teacher becomes extremely frustrated but only then should a teacher be allowed to say anything.

As I have said before, teachers are paid to teach and nothing more. If they want to roast people, they can go work at a comedy club. Same goes for students.

Students don’t pay tuition to listen to their teachers and classmates go back and forth talking smack. They come here to get an education.

Regarding safety, there are some students that teachers probably shouldn’t mess with.

From stabbings to shootings on college campuses, some students don’t take criticism well whether it is constructive or not.

After receiving a letter to the editor, it is possible that some students might take their teachers comments as an attack and go to judicial affairs and complain, putting the teachers at risk for possible consequences over unnecessary comments.

Teachers need to just stop with the low blows and both teachers and students should keep in mind the phrase “Give respect, get respect” if they want to keep a healthy learning environment.