Parents should teach children the real message of Christmas

Dafne Bravo

{CE} Looked it over. It looks good. Waiting for the approval from the Opinion Editor.

Some people may think the whole purpose of Santa Claus and parents telling kids that he is real is pointless.

Growing up believing that he (santa claus) is real can be a disappointment once in school when a fellow classmate tells a kid the opposite.

Parents allowing their kids to have the experience of writing the letter, being good all year and eagerly waiting for their presents is unforgettable.

How about the photo with Santa that kids wait in long lines to take?

As a toddler, children have the time of their life meeting the iconic person at their local mall and being able to sit on his lap and get a picture with him for memories of meeting him.

Some parents may think that lying to their kids about the existence of Santa Claus and his famous naughty list enables them (kids) to also lie.

Children do not necessarily have to act out in a negative way just because they find out it was the parents and not the man with the white beard and red outfit.

It is the parents’ responsibility to know how to handle the situation and have a tactic prior to talking to their child and informing the reason behind the myth of Santa.

The controversy also continues whether the tale of Santa confuses kids on the real meaning of Christmas.

Yes, the Christmas holiday is once a year and kids look forward to it because they get presents, but why not teach them both the meaning of Christmas and each year do something symbolic to represent this holiday so the child never forgets the real meaning?

In the Catholic religion, children are taught the story of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

It is a common tradition especially in the Mexican culture to have a festivity called posada which is known to bring families together.

For generations the posada tradition has been implemented. Until this day it teaches kids the reason why it is celebrated and the history behind.

The same can be done with Santa Claus and why we celebrate Christmas.

Believing in something is not a sin. If anything, the innocence and faith a child may have is something we should all learn from as adults perhaps.