Get a head start in the new semester

Carlos Mariscal and Carlos Mariscal

The spring semester has begun and many students have found it difficult to get their heads back in school after a three-week break.

Students need to organize themselves well and early in the semester in order to be successful.

After a three-week break, many students become lethargic. Especially getting used to waking at noon everyday.

Doing small things like organizing your backpack, buying a planner and not procrastinating can go a long way for students.

Procrastination is a problem many of us deal with on a semester basis.

Many students procrastinate, especially early on each semester, which ends up hurting them in the last few weeks of school when extra points are needed to achieve an ideal grade.

Social media makes it easy to become distracted from assignments.

It’s not only social media that distracts students. Certain television shows commence new seasons right before the semester begins, which tempts students to bypass their studies.

This affects almost every student at Cerritos College. It’s extremely difficult to focus on school when new technology like iPads and laptops are readily available, especially right after the holidays, because we get these new distractions.

Using the planner you bought wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It can be the key to your success.

Organizing the times you watch television and the times you study your homework can be difference maker in getting that higher grade.

There’s also times where we zone out in class or take a nap during the day because of the lack of sleep we get during the semester. Going to sleep a bit earlier can go a long way to improving your academic performance.

Those times where you would normally nap during the day could be used as time to get your work done rather than sleeping.

Like the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.