New holidays to think about

Jonathan Garza and Jonathan Garza

Each year you get to celebrate the same major holidays. But what about days like Belly Laugh Day? Have you ever indulged in to Sweetest Day? These are two holidays that get little-to-no attention and really should.

The major holidays are all self-explanatory as they’ve been celebrated by the vast majority of Americans year-in and year-out.

But did you know that on Jan. 24 there is a holiday that encourages you simply laugh.

Where families give thanks on Thanksgiving — people across the world are highly encouraged to do anything at all to make one another laugh.

That fact alone is really cool.

Often times life creeps up in the form of work, school and any of the millions of obligations that life can burden a person with.

If not for subtle reminders such as Belly Laugh Day, people might continue on with their busy lives without stopping to enjoy it at least a little.

Then there is Sweetest Day, which is celebrated onOct. 3 primarily in the Great Lakes region of the United States.

Think Valentine’s Day here and perhaps even Christmas.

Like the “day of love”, Sweetest Day involves the usage of giving red or pink based gifts.

However, as opposed to Valentine’s Day, the reason behind Sweetest Day is to remember the sickly, aged and orphaned. In addition, family and friends exchange gifts toward those who have been the most generous and kind.

Take a moment to consider these two holidays that you probably have never heard of before.

Belly Laugh Day would be instrumental in raising the morale of not just the U.S. but also the World.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all.”

In the terrible state of today’s economy there are too many people crying and not enough laughing.

People abide very well by the rules of Easter such as giving out candy, 4th of July by popping fireworks, Thanksgiving eating turkey and Christmas with exchanging presents. There is even a day where Americans ravage each other to get the lowest prices in an effort to save money.

Establish Belly Laugh Day and Sweetest Day as official holidays, and Americans, as well as people all over the world will find themselves becoming happier and more giving.

After all, doesn’t everybody want the world to be a better place?