Sedentary lifestyle isn’t all bad

Alexandra Scoville

Living a sedentary lifestyle isn’t necessarily a bad thing, which is a little hard to grasp considering it can lead to anxiety, depression and eventually premature death.

If someone chooses to live this way, knowingly putting his life at risk and refusing to get up and do something outside of the house, it seems like a family member or close friend should help him.

But as a family member or close friend what do you do when that person clearly doesn’t want the help?

When he seems much happier living a sedentary lifestyle of staying at home, sitting in a chair and watching TV.

It’s hard to tell someone that, even though what he is doing makes him happy, it’s wrong, unhealthy and should be stopped.

Sometimes the idea of getting out and doing something doesn’t even faze people who is sitting at home happily doing what he does everyday.

Some people who live this way are still very much in touch with the outside world, and that should count for something.

They watch the news at home and stay up-to-date with current events, and they know when the latest video game or movie has come out, or when their favorite TV show got canceled.

And of course, there are others who may not be as in touch with the world and that’s when it is just too much.

If staying indoors and not doing anything causes a person to become anxious and depressed all the time, then these are the ones who need a bigger push, a more serious change, maybe help from a doctor.

It’s up to a family member or a friend to notice a change in someone’s behavior, if the sedentary lifestyle becomes too much, then that person needs help.

But if he’s happy and not really doing harm, then let him be.

Life is short, let people be happy.