Teachnology and Creativity

Zeinab Saleh

What is the use of having teachers if technology is taking over?

Technology ruins students’ creativity.

With books, students are forced to use their imagination. Teachers introduce the mindset of their apprentices.

Computers do most of the work for the student at a much quicker pace.

With them students don’t need to concentrate on much to be able to get the idea of the subject.

Which may cause a student to become “lazy,” Jaime Rives, undecided major said.

He also goes on to say that, “books are forever.”

According to Life in the Fast Lane, two-thirds of U.S. teenagers used internet writing shortcuts such as LOL, OMG, etc. 64 percent used emoticons in their school work.

One professor stated, students who used laptops excessively in the classroom did 11 percent worse than other students in the class.

Also, many universities and colleges are now charging students up to $500 in additional student fees to cover the cost of internet provided.

Zachary Reyes, a music major adds “There’s a certain point where it’s too much.”

What’s the use of coming to school if students are just going to sit in front of a computer screen?

Britney Correa, theater arts major responds by saying, “Might as well take online classes.”

A computer is a big distraction. Having access to so many different types of information at once can lead students to procrastinate more than normal.

Students have forgotten the real purpose for a computer, besides using it to enhance their learning, they have become dependent on it for social media.

For example, it becomes an addiction and other peoples lives seem more important than his/hers life.

Therefore, lowering their self-esteem and living in a virtual world becomes their priority.

A student must be disciplined to keep up with the responsibilities of an online class.

There will be little or no student-to-professor interaction.

A student can easily be left in the dark or more inclined to quit because there is not a teacher constantly motivating him to do better work.

Teachers bring on the pressure that students need to provide well-informed and productive work.

Teachers have shaped the past, will construct the present, and mold the future.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates.