Americans need to stand up for their rights

Connie Garcia and Connie Garcia

Citizens of this country give up their rights in a snap of fingers because they don’t realize certain laws protect these rights.

People are unaware that a police officer may not enter their home without permission or if you deny them to do so, unless otherwise stated by a search warrant, or probable cause.

It is cases like this one which depict the blindfold held over most of the population’s eyes when it comes to their rights.

Since police officers are figures of authority and expected to act upon aggressive behavior, people always assume that what they ask for, do, or demand is within their right to do so.

That isn’t in the least bit true. If a police officer searches you or your property without asking and getting your approval or by force, he just violated your right.

Another example of rights we don’t exercise is that which is told to us by that same police officer if he or she arrests you under determined or suspected charges.

That right, is the right to remain silent.

This means that any question you are asked, you have the absolute right to decline to answer, and it is perfectly legal.

There is no reason why you should feel intimidated to the point where they will coax the answers out of you.

Included with this is the right to that an attorney be present at any time during questioning, and a phone call if you are arrested and booked.

During said questioning, your right also allows for you to ask to speak to your lawyer and not answer any more (if any) questions.

Then there is airport security which scans you, searches you, and almost even strips you for the sake of public safety.

It is understandable that after 9/11 airports and government buildings have this type of security, but there has to be a limit as to what people will permit.

These are your rights! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and/or try to intimidate you into thinking otherwise.

Next time you’re up against these odds, remember you are an American Citizen on American soil, and that means you have more rights than you might know.