More vacation time means better production

Jonathan Garza and Jonathan Garza

American workers get far too little vacation time, which leads to severe stress that in turn could lead to problems in the workplace and at home.

A full-time employee,one that works 40 hours, is entitled by law to get one whole week of vacation after a consecutive year of working.

But a week is not enough time to reverse the effects of hard working, and sometimes, even suffering.

AllYouNeedisLists states 10 reasons about how work can cause stress, including being overworked, worry of job security, bad management and bullying, among others.

Slavery ended in 1865, yet nearly 150 years later, forms of it are exhibited by employers, who will suck every last ounce of strength out of employees earning a living.

According to CNN Money, Americans get an average of 12 days of vacation per year, but take only 10. Meanwhile, in Europe, employees are given 25 to 30 days of vacation.

Is America not the country that claims to be far above the rest of the world?

Just because Americans work more doesn’t mean they produce better.

What happened to that saying “Work smarter, not harder.”

Unemployment in this country sits at 7.9 percent as of Jan. 2013 according to Google Public Data.

Fix the rate by hiring more people.

The extra staff will allow for employers to provide extra vacation time, which will in turn permit for happier workers, that won’t stress out as much.

Happier employees, means a more content economy, which leads to bigger and better things in the long run.

If the unemployment rate decreases, it’ll mean fewer instances of crime.

So put everything in to retrospect, it’s a series of events leading to a better America. It begins with more vacation time.

Employees need to speak up and be heard.

Go talk to your boss and explain why more vacation is beneficial, and how it could improve the business.

He without a voice can not be heard, and an employee that isn’t heard cannot take a vacation.