Speak out to protect animals from extinction

Diego Arreola and Diego Arreola

People should unite and help animals from going extinct.

Many organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals believe that animals should be freed, roaming the earth’s wilderness.

However what would happen if the black rhino, south china tiger, or even the blue whale were all roaming the face of the world without any protection? Poachers, hunters, and people trying to sell these animals in the black market would have their way.

Not only are these endangered species vulnerable due to their slow reproduction rate, but they also hold a specific role in our ecosystem according to World Wildlife Foundation.

Instead of capturing and killing these animals more organizations should be formed to protect and help these creatures carry on and continue living for many more years to come.

Imagine you take your kids to the zoo one day and they don’t have gorillas because they were set free to the wild and killed by poachers.

The African Elephant is one of many valuable animals in the black market, due to its tail hair and tusks that are sold to collectors.

These animals can’t protect themselves from the biggest predator on the planet, the human being.

With weapons at hand humans have become the supreme species on the food chain making other animals vulnerable to captivity and being killed.

So next time you go to the zoo, appreciate the fact that there are people out there kind enough to form organizations that prevent the killing of these beautiful creatures we share our globe with.

If more people were aware of the situations occurring around the world maybe some of these innocent lives could be saved.

Perhaps if one person spoke out for all these animals it would encourage more people to put a foot down and ban the hunting of some of these creatures like they have with the blue whale or the gorilla.

Organizations such as WWF have made it their goal to keep awareness up and help these animals by going to their natural habitat and examining them as they live and protect them from hunters and poachers by giving them a safer environment to live in.