The silent killer

Vera Williams and Vera Williams

Racial discrimination is still practices by closed minded individuals.

In fact by todays standards, these individuals are trapped in a time wrap. We need the Rights to stay in place for a richer more complicated generation.

The Supreme Court must take a look at the Voting Rights Act Section 5, which requires federal approval for any changes in voting law.

The voting rights act protect the rights of blacks and other people of color to vote.

It keep blacks and people of color from getting pushed at the voting polls, it helps blacks and people of color get a fair shake on the voting on voting day.

According to Willam David Political Science Major “This section of law is needed for the protection of the rights of Blacks and People of Color because there is a lot of Second Generation Racism, it is practice by closed minded, individuals. Its no different from the 1960’s because its still practices.”

Its a silent killer of joy, the people have when they have brothers and sisters of different races, coming together and living, loving and communicating with each other, because of these differences.

Most of us have evolved, we exam everybody and everything, we come in contact with.

We are bound by common threads from time to time. Sometimes people have to exam people, places and things to interpret things differently…traditions, customs and beliefs are Artistic intercourse, generations of imported ideas have been put in a pot and melted…we are bound by style and influences.

This is 2013 the Voting Right Act was made in 1965, the myth that racism has disappeared, is cultural because many of the races here in the United State have mixed Geographically, historically, economically, politically, the severe necessitating, modifications of the old ways that Government has provided and create the mixes of culture.

The early mingling of nationalities produce a greater variety of discrimination, successive, because everyone wants there race pure, everyone is prejudice.

The collections of customs and creative pursuits have made us think that the hierarchical nature of wealth and income has set us free. Socialization is tricky, it has its own uniqueness and consequences.

But globally racial democracy is still a myth and the protection should be left in place, for future generations, that might forget about the people who died for there rights.

A critical look must be taken to see why the Supreme Court wants to weigh in on the Voting Rights Act Section 5 changes, change is constant, but this is a matter that should stay in place for future generations protection.

We are moving on as a nation from racism, but that doesn’t mean we should take the protections that have been in place for minorities to vote.

As the old saying goes around comes around, and change is constant but not all change means good for the people.