Spring Break is a time for good times

Diego Arreola and Diego Arreola

Spring breakers no longer take the week off to catch up on homework or sleep. On the contrary, it’s time to party.

A week with no class and living in such a big city could only mean one thing: Partying and drinking.

Movies and television concentrate on the partying aspect of spring break. They’ve made it into this huge party where every girl must wear a bikini and guys sporting muscle shirts.

Music videos, movies and t.v. shows exhibit the new meaning of spring break to young audiences such as teenagers and small children.

A lot of spring breakers take the time to fly out to Cancun or any beach near by and party.

Beaches, dancing, smoking and drinking is now the new idea of a good spring break due to the way the media has glorified it.

A lot of college students can connect to the idea of partying for spring break especially since it’s after midterms.

The media has done a good thing by glorifying it the way it has. It gives people the opportunity to go out and have a good time, and relax after stressful exams.

Another good reason is because of the weather.

If you fly down south, the sun will burn bright, and the water will be warm and clear. It’s a perfect time for bathing suits and swimming trunks.

The media glorifies spring break because it’s the perfect week for tourists to travel and spend money.

This doesn’t only help the media with music, beer and propaganda, but it also creates this illusion that spring break should be spent partying and having shots of alcohol.

This means clubs or bars are making money to fund their operation and providers for the venue’s music.

A lot of college students should take this time to relax and have a good time after midterms.