Procrastination never helps in the long run

Carlos Mariscal and Carlos Mariscal

Many college students nowadays get behind in their studies due in part because they avoid certain classes that can be difficult.

Classes shouldn’t be avoided because of the difficulty it may bring, it’s better to take the challenge on early.

Math seems to be at the top of the list of classes that students like to avoid.

Math is a subject that many students find difficult, simply because it has to do with a lot numbers and letters, which can make it really complicated.

It can definitely get extremely difficult as students get to the higher stages of math, which makes a student want to put it off as long as possible.

Many college students have full and part time jobs while they go to college full time, which alone is a tough task to do.

Add a mathematics course to that schedule and it just makes everything complicated.

Math is a course that requires a lot of hours that need to be put in, not just at school, but outside of school as well.

Avoiding these classes can set a student back if they wait too long.

Say a student is within a year of finishing their general education courses and they have to take at least three math courses to reach general education level.

That would force the student to stay an extra year at the college.

Students need to take on these challenges a little sooner into their college studies.

Taking math early on in college could give a student a little bigger margin for error just in case they would need to retake the course to raise their grade or replace a low grade.

Depending on how many math courses a student needs, students can spread the math courses out between semesters, that way they don’t have math every semester.

It’s the little things a student can do in the beginning that will help them set themselves up for success in the end.