Which Bathroom should he use?

Vera Williams and Vera Williams

Your child can be what he needs to be, and can be what he want to be. Your child can be a transgender, if he or she not sure what his gender is, you will give him time to work it out.

There is nothing wrong with being a transgender of, it’s just part of being human.

Even though in our society there is a stigma toward transgender, it’s partially due to misunderstanding and judgments people have.

These judgments that people shouldn’t interfere how someone identifies or lives their life.

Coy Mathis who was born as a boy and identifies as a she has been banned from using the girl’s bathroom from her elementary school in Fountain, Colorado.

The school’s reasoning that a boy using a girl’s bathroom will make fellow classmates and parents uncomfortable.

This rationale does nothing but dehumanizes Mathis and creates a division between her and her classmates.

Would it have been a better option for the school to counsel Mathis and the classmates instead just all out banning her from using the bathroom?

Don’t schools in general have bigger priorities then worrying about boys and girls using the “right” bathroom?

This type of mentality does nothing separates and alienate people from coming together and understand one another.

Schools are there to further the intellect of students not to change one’s identity.