Fighting global warming

Students can do many things to reduce global warming in our community.

instead of drinking endless plastic bottles of water, you can simply buy a water container and refill it with your drink of preference.

Carpooling to school can help the environment as well. Just get a couple of your friends together, see what schedule works best and ride to school together or take the bus.

Students can also reduce global warming by working together and picking up trash when they’re walking to class.

Keeping our campus clean means keeping our world clean. They say that the way you leave a restaurant when you finish eating represents the way you keep your home clean. Earth is our home so why not keep it clean?

You wouldn’t like someone coming into your house and throwing trash every where and any where.

Students can also start clubs that help the environment like an Environmental Club and fund raise so that they can go to beaches around the state and clean them as well as helping the animals around.

More students can also use alternative things to reduce global warming and helping the environment, like not using hair spray and recycling the proper way.

Hairspray has a chemical called chlorine in it, and could drift up into the stratosphere, strip apart the ozone molecule and thus let more bad radiation down to the surface.

Probably disposing where bottles, cans, electronics go a long way in helping the earth.

It only takes one student to pick up a piece of trash to inspire others to keep the campus and community clean in the effort to reduce the effects of global warming.

One small step can take you so far when working in a team.