The greed of a bookstore can drive students away

Marking the start of the fall semester, students are often wondering if they can get by with the amount of books they need to succeed in their classes.

The fact that the Cerritos College Bookstore does not even compete with any websites is revolting to the majority of the student body.

The publishers sell their books way too high as it is, so why continue to allow the bookstore to pickpocket those who can’t even afford a good meal for the day?

The fact of the matter is that the bookstore on this campus is overcharging its students, and its online competitors are continuing to come in first place because of their free shipping, so it’s even a better deal to go online rather than shop locally on campus for a book.

A good reason for why the book store should reconsider matching prices to those online is that we should be saving our money as best as we can in order to keep returning each semester.

We live in a crucial time where everyone is financially struggling right and left.

Why is the bigger man taking even more money from those of us who don’t have it? We need to take out loans just to help support ourselves for the fall semester.

With websites like eBay, Amazon, and even Half (a subsidiary of eBay), why can’t the bookstore be more openly supportive of those it targets?

A book used to mean a whole lot more back in the days, but in these modern times it’s not even hard to come across a download that you could simply use with your iPad or Kindle Fire.

Who is truly growing more powerful, the actual publishers or the bookstore? The authors would not be anything without the business of the bookstore and that is why it should simply match with its online competitors.

With the convenience of the bookstore being located on the college campus, clearly its main goal is to prepare future doctors, nurses, artists, school teachers, mechanics, and other aspiring professionals to do well in school.

Therefore, in order to compete with online store pricing, the bookstore needs to jump on the bandwagon and sell the books to students for a more reasonable price.