Free Speech Zone: Stereotypes at Cerritos College

Do you think there are still stereotypes in Cerritos College today? If so, what can be done to help eliminate them?

“No, I haven’t experienced anything yet. Not in my classes or anywhere else.”
– Mina Riad, Accounting Major

“No not really, but we could always set up a club, where people can meet and talk about things.”
– Britney Johnson, Political Science Major

“Yes, yeah! People should just be aware of things around them. People should speak up when someone is out of line and shut up when they are told they are out of line.”
– Jeff Myers, Plastics Technology Major

“Yeah, but it depends on the people involved, because everybody judges. I guess we can just try to spread awareness.”
– Britney Tai, Undecided Major

“Yeah, I believe there are stereotypes still around. I really don’t know what can be done to fix it, I mean, society is kinda built that way.”
– Jessica Islas, Undecided Major

“Yeah, I believe so. That’s kinda hard to answer, it’s still gonna be around, no matter how much awareness is raised.”
– Jose Montejano, Computer Science Major

“Yes, we can just try to ease up on the racial jokes.”
– Steve Broom, Wood Manufacture Major