Big brother’s watching

The Glendale Unified School District hired a company to monitor the social media sites of their students for their own safety and it’s not right, especially if it were to happen on a larger scale at colleges like Cerritos College.

Their reason, for what some may call spying, is to stop cyberbullying, crime, drug use, and suicidal acts.

While on paper it seems like a bright idea with good intentions and something your mom an pop might love, it’s simply just not their place.

This means that you can be a future scholarship athlete and post a picture on your Instagram of you drinking with your buddies, but wait, you’re under 21 years old and the school sees this.

Yes, technically its against the law and a small transgression at that, but the school may see this as you giving it a bad reputation. You may all of a sudden be off the team and out of a D1 scholarship.

Being that a good portion of Cerritos College students are young athletes and/or at the age of making mistakes in their lives, they may regret in the future that this could be bad for most people.

We already have enough with our parents sending us friend requests on Facebook and the government possibly listening in on our conversations and reading our emails with the Patriot Act, we don’t need another “big brother” watching.

Also, being that on Facebook, people post emotional things they don’t mean and someone in these tracking companies misinterprets it, you can now imagine yourself in some weird intervention where some higher-up from the school and your loved ones are there trying to convince you to get help.

Our First Amendment rights give us freedom of expression, and yes, the school can’t censor us, but now this can cause fear in students to not want to post certain things.

It’s not right and students should be able to post what they want without this technical censorship through fear.