Parking should not be an added expense

It’s bad enough that tuition keeps increasing and students, especially the ones that are not on financial aid, have to pay hundreds of dollars to get the classes they need to graduate. To add on an additional fee to park is so stupid.

Students have limited income, especially those who live on their own and have bills to pay or kids to support. All it’s doing is making it harder for students to come to school. Yeah, sure the $40 permit is a one-time payment for the whole semester, but money adds up.

If you are unable to pay for the permit right away, you have to pay $2 everyday that you come to school and park to avoid getting a ticket.

Some people find other ways where they park by the school, but having to walk a block and a half because you didn’t have money to pay for the meters is just a bunch of nonsense.

It’s really frustrating because it’s not like students have money to just throw out there. I doubt anyone has a money tree growing in their backyard.

Some students are more fortunate than other, but for the unfortunate, there are a lot of penny-pinchers. Those two extra dollars or the $40 you need to pay for a pass could be used to help pay the bills or buy your lunch for the day.

The money we pay for the permits goes toward maintaining the parking lot. What is there to maintain? It’s a bunch of lines painted on the concrete.

We don’t need new high-tech parking meters, I just pay for the ticket and go to class. Seriously, it’s such a waste of money.

The students that can walk or ride their bike to school are the lucky ones, they don’t have to pay these ridiculous fees.

However, most students don’t live right next to the school, so they need to drive to get to school.

For students in a rush to get to class because maybe they were stuck in traffic or something, that extra time to stop at a meter to buy a ticket is a hassle.

What’s even worse is when the parking meters are out of order and the only one working is all the way to the very end of a parking lot surrounded by 50 other students trying to get a pass.

It’s not worth the time or the money! So, we should just get rid of having to have stupid parking passes. The only ones that should have them are the faculty since they get special parking.

This helps reduce the amount of parking tickets that are issued and students don’t have to use the last of the money in their back account to buy the stupid pass.