That’s what we said: Falling for fall

ObamaCare is great as long as you don’t get too comfortable

ObamaCare will get started back up as soon as the government shutdown is over, and there are plenty of reasons to see if you qualify. It offers cheaper health insurance as well as being able to stay on your parents’ insurance until you are 26. This is great for younger adults, but it should not be a reason for you to start slacking off. It should help you stay motivated to be prepared to get your own insurance.

Don’t shut yourself out to the government shutdown

Yes, the government is shutdown as previously mentioned, but do you know what that means or what it affects? Simple research can help you understand what it is all about. Some of the things that are affected are national parks, law enforcement and immigration programs. So understand what it’s about rather than speculating, because knowing is half the battle.

FSZ: Solicitors at school

Solicitors are always on campus and seem to get into your face to get you to give in to what they are selling to people. See what other students have to say about them.

Fall: Season of the year

Fall is upon us and everyone should be excited. The change of the colors, the food, the clothes, the holidays and the weather are all new and a refreshing change compared to the hot summer. Along with sports heating up, it should be more than enough to bring a smile to your face.