You should block cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a common problem in our society by causing emotional trauma and lost lives every year.

Cyberbullying is used as a weapon to harm, harass and intimidate others repeatedly through the usage of the Internet and electric devices used for communication.

Some examples of cyberbullying are spreading rumors about the victim, sending disrespectful or inappropriate messages and tricking the victim into revealing information to use against himself.

Cyberbullying has caused people to commit suicide, drop out of school and lose love for themselves.

The big question is “has cyberbullying become a problem in America?” The answer is yes!

As of this year, 45 out of 50 states have anti-bullying legislation in which bullies are punished for their actions.

Parents play a big role in this specific situation as well.

As parents, it is their responsibility to teach their children right from wrong and to also punish them when necessary.

There are in fact many ways that cyberbullying can be handled.

The first step is to tell someone. Keeping hurt feelings to yourself will only make matters worse. Talk to a parent, guardian, teacher or friend–somebody that you trust and can easily open up to.

The most obvious way is to simply ignore them.

You’ll show them that they have no power over you because you will not let their negative comments and opinions hurt you in any way.

To help keep your mind off of things, go out with friends, go take a walk or read; in other words, simply enjoy your social life outside of the Internet.

Block cyberbullies out of your social accounts; better yet, block them out of your life.