FSZ: School involvement

Bryan Deras Art and Graphic design major

“Martial arts club because it’s fun. It’s something that I like to do. I’ve been doing it for six semesters already, helping out or just joining the (Taekwondo) class.”

Julia Izquierdo Animation major

“Yes. It’s good for college transcripts, so you have extra-curricular (activities) and (universities) like that kind of stuff.”

Victoria Major Biology major

“Yeah, like home coming and stuff. I do (engage in extra-curricular activities) only because I work for culinary arts and you do some things for them, so that’s about it.”

Tiwana Reed Culinary arts major

“No, ‘cause I have a full time job.”

Anthony Mendez Psychology major

“I don’t really participate in that many extra- curricular activities, at least here (at) the school, because I have to work and I have to maintain a balance between everything, and right now, there’s been a lot of stuff going on…financially.”