Pay more and receive

Trying to get out of community college is frustrating, especially when attempting to secure the last few necessary classes.

But now, some community colleges are getting the green light to increase tuition for classes that are in high demand, and this is very good news.

The argument about how college students barely have money to go out or pay for books or even eat a decent meal exists, but hey, it’s school’s version of supply and demand.

Finding an open core class (e.g., math, English, etc.) is near impossible, especially if you have a late registration.

Then, you find out from a friend that took the class that halfway through the semester, the room is half-empty as several students decided to drop the class because the girls weren’t pretty enough.

But, the moment money comes out of your pocket, things are taken a bit more seriously.

A full price of $169 per unit would be assessed to these classes that are typically four units, totaling $676, as opposed to $184 at the community college rate of $46 per unit.

The classroom would also become a better environment as it would be filled with like-minded students that are focused on getting out.

Repeating these courses could leave a major dent not just in a student’s wallet but also on his mindset.

It also means that students are likely to put off their core classes until the end of their community college career.

These courses could become transitional classes between the community college and university.

After all, the atmosphere would be halfway there. Stop wasting people’s time because a career awaits.

Sacrifice away, it will pay off.