Once is enough to pass your class

Lauren Gandara

Students need to stop being so lazy in their classes and not have the mindset that they can take classes that they don’t care about over again.

Cerritos College offers repeatability courses to students if they fail or withdraw from a class.

They are able to take the class over again. However, some students take a negative advantage of this offer.

Instead of working hard to do well and try to pass their classes, some students are just kicking back until the end of the semester and then retaking the course over again.

It sucks for those students who are actually doing well in their classes but can’t move forward to the next course because those lazy, second time students are taking up seats.

Some people just want to get the heck out of school already!

What’s even worse is the students who are receiving financial aid and then retaking courses.

Students can lose their financial aid so easily because they think that just because they don’t have to pay for the classes, they can fail them without there being some kind of penalty.

What’s even worse than losing free money is spending your own on classes that you won’t even take the time to study for.

I’m sure your parents won’t be too thrilled having to pay another $45 or so on a class they already paid for once before.

Many students come to community college to save money, but if they have to take a class multiple times to pass, that’s like paying for one class for one semester at the university level.

And, like at a university, if you fail too many classes, you will be put on academic probation and eventually, the school will expel you.

Even if you don’t get expelled, it looks awful on your transcripts.

What makes you think that four-year schools are going to be impressed that you had to take the same class multiple times?

The whole point is to get in and get out as soon as possible.

If they wanted students to stick around forever, they wouldn’t refer to themselves as “two-year” and “four-year” schools.

There are certain exceptions where athletes need to take a physical education course again in order to participate in their respected sports and some other majors need to repeat classes because they are required by UCs and CSUs.

However, the repetitive classes even have a limit.

If you’re really struggling that much, talk to your teacher or visit the Success Center. It has a tutor for almost every subject.

You can’t solve the problem without asking questions.

Many teachers don’t mind answering questions in class, that’s what they’re there for.

It also has office hours so that it can help you one-on-one.

If you’re going to spend money to learn, then learn.

College is a privilege, not a right. If you just aren’t academically ambitious, then go get a full-time job instead of wasting money and class seats. There’s nothing wrong with working in a store or factory to make a living.

However, if you strive for better, do yourself and everyone else involved a favor and stop taking up the same seat multiple times and get through your class once!