Keep Snapchats private

Lauren Gandara

The government goes through enough of our stuff as it is, there is no real reason for them to go through our Snapchats.

They listen in on our private phone calls, read our personal emails and go through our social media, what are our government officials looking for?

I seriously doubt there is going to be any valuable information on a Snapchat.

Snapchat is meant to take a photo and send it to a friend so they can only look at it for a certain amount of time.

According to Snapchat employee Micah Schaffer, he revealed in a blog post that the company can give law enforcement access to unopened Snapchats as part of search warrants.

So if you use your Snapchat for more “personal use,” you might want rethink that decision.

Your local police station might be looking at pictures of you in your Skivvies!

For those who are actually underwear models, I’m sure they don’t really mind. Unfortunately, for the rest of society, that would be pretty embarrassing, especially if you know someone in law enforcement.