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Video games aren’t sports

Lauren Gandara

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Video gaming is something anyone at any age level can do and requires very little physical activity and therefore should not be considered a sport.

Sports like football, baseball and basketball are real sports. They require a lot of physical training and energy to do.

Even Grandma Lilly in the movie “Grandma’s Boy” can play video games!

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to play a video game; all you need is two hands, sometimes one depending on what game console you’re using.

The main reason it is even a sport is because of the game “League of Legends.”

According to Tech News World. com, e-sports require the same level of training and specialization as regular sports.

People don’t need to run across 50 yards or dribble a ball to play a video game.

All you need to know is how to work the controller. In order to be an athlete, you need to be in top physical shape and have some type of athletic ability.

Anyone can learn how to play video games, no matter what age or physical capability he has.

It’s doubtful we’ll ever see video gaming in the Olympics. Yes, video games are popular in this modern day but does that mean it deserves to be called a sport?

We have professional football players, basketball players and baseball players. People like Michael Jordan, Payton Manning and Babe Ruth are all looked up to and admired by sports fanatics for their specific talents and skills in their respected sports.

A guy who does nothing but eat and play video games all day at home as someone that would be considered a sports role model is unfathomable. That’s not exactly a profession that parents would encourage their kids to get into.

Just because it has the word “game” in it doesn’t mean it should be considered a sport.

You can play video games from almost anywhere. Other sports require you to physically be in the same room as your opponent(s) when competing.

The bottom line is how lazy is our society becoming where we make sitting at a computer and twiddling our thumbs while we eat chips all day a sport?

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13 Responses to “Video games aren’t sports”

  1. Brannon McQuinn on September 26th, 2017 7:40 am

    Even though I disagree with you I want to help you out. Speaking from a writing perspective, your argument is weak because it is based on the idea that the only thing that quantifies a sport is physical activity and that professional gamers sit around all day and eat potato chips.
    I would recommend that you do some more research and re-write your argument. Those who consider themselves professional gamers keep themselves in good psychical condition because they need to have a clear mind. You are right in thinking that during the actual event of a game there is no physical activity, but there is a lot of mental work involved. I know that may sound strange but the things that separate a professional gamer and Grandma Lily from “Grandma’s Boy” are their ability to strategize and know the intricate details of the game they are playing. Somebody who wishes to become professional must study every part of the game they are playing, everything from the character roster, to the way that the game’s code works.
    Again, from a writing perspective, your argument could use some work. I would love to read something that you write after researching a bit more so that you understand the argument from both sides.
    I hope this didn’t make you angry and I hope that you take what I have said into consideration. I am writing about this for a college essay, and I thought this might be good practice.


    Diego Reply:

    I you use the mental strength and ability card than you have say that taking test is a sport because you are using you’re mind and skill and knowledge to do the test. Gaming is not a sport and oh yeah gamers and in extremely good physical condition to move their thumbs that’s why Ninja is a little twig and I have also seen him eat in his streams and myth and other streamers if you think having a strategy to beat virtual and fake characters that don’t not exist try doing it in real life crashing into people and working your ass of how lazy and stupid has out world gotten


  2. Ashley on November 9th, 2017 1:19 pm

    video games should not be considered a sport because all your doing is sitting dow on your couch to bed and using your hand to play .While a sport is something you do outside in fact video games are a HOBBY .Sports have to do with physical and mental extertion .In addition video games has NOTHING to do with athletic ability that is also a kind of sport .


    Sky Reply:

    Evidence? Also, why don’t you try to download League, or Dota 2 if you really want a challenge, and try to climb to the number 1 position in your region, you will NEVER be able to do it, as you won’t have the physical (dexterity, reflexes) , or mental (positioning, strategy, counter-picks) capabilities to do it.


    Girl Reply:

    Still it is not a physical activity and that seems kind of stupid you get no reward for moving your thumb which still won’t make any sense but in sports you are fit and healthy and it makes you feel good where as in gaming you sit on your butt all day


    Zach Reply:

    When I get that final kill in a single-life game of Call of Duty (Search and Destroy), when it is just me and the opponent, and I am able to beat him in a fight of pure skill as the rest of my team is cheering me on, I feel pretty dang good. When I score a goal in Rocket League (basically Rocket-powered Car Soccer, sounds silly but really fun and very competitive) after hours of sitting on the edge of my seat (sometimes sweating, and I even work out almost every day) and after trying drill upon drill of getting a certain move right, and have that give me an advantage and the awesome feeling of scoring, it is rewarding. There are professional teams and players, competing and earning money and donating to charity all over the world. Track & Field, a highly regarded sport recognized in the Olympics, is just putting one foot in front of the other over and over again. That is a very simple motion that almost everyone can do. There are many nuances in the way one moves around the controller to make certain actions happen, just like catching or kicking a ball or swimming. One can move their legs around sitting on their couch, but that does not invalidate it as being a sport. One of the Olympic sports is Shooting. The goal of Shooting is to hit as close to the center of the target, just by moving one’s finger precisely through hand-eye coordination control, better than one’s opponent. The goal of an eSport is to move one’s fingers precisely through hand-eye coordination and control, to beat one’s opponent. I do not see a difference. Now I ask you, “What is the difference between shooting and eSports that separates the two and makes Shooting a sport and eSports not?

  3. Landon on November 14th, 2017 11:51 am

    Gameing does not have a lot of physical exertion, but it takes a lot of mind power. You have to be very smart to play some games like magic, hearthstone, hands of chaos, all these take strategy. Now, Call Of Duty, god of war, and overwatch all you are doing is trying to stay alive. Tetris, space invaders, and Pac-Man all take strategy to.


  4. Peirce on November 14th, 2017 11:56 am

    Hand of the gods not hands of chaos. Sorry


  5. Whatevee on December 2nd, 2017 5:18 am

    Hearthstone? HAHAHA.
    If you consider that a “sport” then all gambling games should be too. That’s ridiculous.


  6. Peirce on December 12th, 2017 11:49 am

    I guess you will laugh at me again if i said something abou dark souls?


  7. Anthony Smith on January 26th, 2018 1:48 pm

    Alright smart guy, let me see you play against a team of global elites on Counter Strike : Global Offensive and than tell me anyone can play games.


  8. Garrett on March 14th, 2018 5:03 am

    Just trashed on this article for a project, i feel good. Lauren, learn to find evidence, it’ll help you one day. Secondly, don’t call all gamers lazy, lots of us are actually in good shape. Thirdly, go play some video games and see how “easy” they really are.


  9. Garrett on March 15th, 2018 4:51 am

    Love how my comment got deleted


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Video games aren’t sports