The importance of black history month

The month is almost to an end and yet, there hasn’t been much talk about Black History Month like there has been in the past years.

Black History Month is observed not only in the United States, but also Canada during the month of February.

Why have we not heard about it more? Do people not care anymore?

Our generation has become so caught up on news, such as the Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry make-out session and has forgotten about the news that should really matter to us.

History is presented to people in order to prevent the same events from our past from taking place again in our future.

If we are uninformed of what has happened, how do we learn to not make the same mistakes? We don’t.

There are people who still take these different celebrations seriously, but the vast majority has become part of something I would describe as “a lost generation”.

There are 28 days in February, which isn’t as long as the others and yet how many celebrations have been publicized on the media?

Even if you do not agree with celebrating Black History Month you should still take the time to learn something about it.

If not for the greater good then for yourself. Do not allow yourself to fall into the “lost generation”.

There is no way of telling how many people will agree and jump on board to this, but if you spread the word to your friends and they spread the word to theirs, then maybe we can get something started.

It is important to know who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is and what he fought for. It is important to know who Maya Angelou is and why she is so famous.

You can sit here and cry about Obama’s politics, but in the end, he’s the first black president and after years and years of living in a society where only white men have taken office, we have a black president and that’s something worth knowing.

If we can start with Black History Month and learn to celebrate other’s cultures, we can learn to celebrate everyone’s cultures, thus leading everyone to better understand the people around them.

We live in a country full of different people and everyone comes from different places and we should start appreciating the beauty of that.