Sometimes change is not the answer

Sometimes change is not the answer

Since students have returned from spring break, they have noticed a couple of different rearrangements done to areas on campus. The most notable change is the rearrangement of the library.

The library has made some atrocious arrangements to the once relaxing setting.

For example, all the single seated sofas that were seen in front of the library and next to the cubicles have all been removed. Why were they removed is the question that pops up.

These chairs served a purpose and that purpose was for students to come in relax and not disturbed or take up the spots in the tables, so other students can study and do homework.

The students that utilized these chairs were students that came in to pass some time until their next class started. Now that those chairs are gone those students have to either find another place to pass time or sit on the tables where students study.

The chairs were replaced with more tables in the front, but the area where they used to be next to the cubicles have been replaced with small coffee tables that have been bunched together to form a large square. What is the purpose of those tables being put together that way? It just looks stupid.

There were also tables that were removed or placed in an other area. It is also hard to tell if there is more room for students to study or if there is less because the front is loaded with tables, but once you get to the back next to cubicles there is an empty space. That space could serve a better purpose like for students to study. Why doesn’t Cerritos College fill that area with more tables or chairs?

At this moment it is hard to tell whether this will be permanent or if it is a temporary thing.

One thing is for certain, many students are not happy with this arrangement and would like to see the old one come back or maybe the return of more chairs.