Skipping class should be done with caution

When you live in a world where everything is moving at 100 miles an hour, there are some days when you need to take a step back and say, “It’s time for some me time.” Whatever your situation is, whether it be a full time or part time student, who works, has to baby sit and needs to do homework and still has to find time to study, it can be overwhelming. Now, I’m not saying that skipping class is okay, but when you’re an adult, you have to make decisions that benefit and help you out and if taking a mental day off is going to stop you from pushing yourself too far, then it has to happen. To every action comes a consequence. Not only are you missing out on material that is vital, but you are also relying on someone in your class to provide you with accurate information on what took place in that classroom as you sat at home in your pajamas eating ice cream. In the beginning of the semester, professors provide you with a syllabus that usually will have a general timeline of what is to come in the semester. Take that syllabus and review it, so you never miss an important date such as a test, quiz or project. You can also try to get numbers of more than one person in your classroom. Preferably someone you feel you can trust (and go with your instinct on that one). You can also email your professor and try to ask them what you missed, but as a lesson from past experience, never ask, “Did I miss something important?” Of course you did. Your professors aren’t going to teach you anything that they feel isn’t important. When all else fails, just remember that you are losing money every time you miss a class. Eighteen weeks of time and effort is better than spending eighteen years at a crappy job doing something that you dread. You are an adult and no one is forcing you to go to school. You made that decision all on your own. Stick to the promise to you made to yourself and finish. You’ll feel so much better about yourself once you have that degree in your hand and you’re making great money.