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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

How college students can improve study habits

One of the many troubles that arise from college students is difficulty in keeping up academically. Many students have trouble for many different

Some examples are poor study skills, poor time management skills or
even poor sleeping habits. All of these examples can affect a student’s grade and performance.

There are many study habits that should be followed accordingly to which suits the student best and there are also study habits students should stay away from in order to succeed.

With the spring semester coming to an end, it would be best for students to start prioritizing their study habits.

First, many students probably sit on their beds with their books scattered around their room with their music blasting in their ears. It’s best if students provide themselves with a good study location. An area that is quiet, well organized and free of distractions.

Second, it’s important to avoid distractions. Many people today have trouble staying away from their computers or phones for a certain amount of time. These distractions are best kept away. Every minute counts so it’s best if students turn off their phones and keep away from their laptops unless they require it for their studies.

Setting a number of break times is important. Do what you need to do during break time and get back to studying when time’s up.

Third, many students have difficulties studying alone, so in these cases, the student can form a study group with students who are in the same class or subject.Make sure the study group stays focus on the subject and not socialize with each other about off topic items.

There are often two kinds of students when it comes down to studying, a student who does best studying alone and a student who does best in study groups. So know where you stand and what works for you.

Fourth, notes, outline and flashcards are often useful. A student can have one or more study tools such as these. Gather the notes you have taken during class. It would also be a good idea to acquire extra notes from your textbook. Organize these notes by writing them down neatly in a notebook or put them in an outline or write them onto flash cards.

Lastly, start sooner than later. Rewriting notes, making flashcards and going through the textbook takes time, so students should not leave it until the last minute.

It is important to start studying as early as possible. Some students may need more study time than others and know how much time you would need to be prepared during your exams.

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Zeinab Chahine, Staff Writer
Spring 2014 Hi, my name is Zeinab Chahine, I am a journalism student at Cerritos College. What spiked my interest in journalism is how active and interesting it is and how the profession allows us to study, investigate and write about different topics. I am a full time student who takes school very seriously. I try to be as active as I can when I can. I'm currently in a swim class and in my spare time, I like to either ride my bike or go hiking.
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How college students can improve study habits