Battle of the Social Media Applications

Instagram and Snapchat have quickly become the new favorite social media applications, but when it comes to the features both are extremely different.

Instagram is a fast and easy application that allows smartphone users to share photographs or videos with other users. The fun thing about Instagram is that it lets users add different filters to photographs they have taken making them look more interesting and sophisticated.

The application also gives the option of posting photos onto other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which is great since many people love to use other social media cites.

It also has a direct messaging feature that lets the user send direct messages to another user and it also has a strong ecosystem for users to find pictures from all over the from all over the world.

The biggest downside about Instagram is that with a click of a button anyone can become a professional photographer with good looking picture.

Another negative is that many of the photos taken with a smartphone are too big and must be cropped to fit. This is an inconvenience; therefore, many users must download other apps that resizes the photos to the proper Instagram size or the picture has to be cropped within the Instagram app in order so it can get posted.

Overall, Instagram is perfect for users that love to document their life events in photographs. Instagram not only lets users post pictures, but it also lets people explore other users’ photographs.

The other application that is gaining rapid popularity is Snapchat. Snapchat is fun and an entertaining application that lets users “snap” photos or send video messages to either a specific person or for everyone of your friends to view.

The impressive part about Snapchat is that it lets users set a time limit for how long people can view a snap. The time limit is 10 seconds, after the time finishes the message disappears and can no longer be viewed. This means users can have fun with the app and send fun goofy pictures since it will only exist for a short amount of time.

Snapchat recently released a new update where users can now have full conversations through the app and can also video chat with other users. With this new update Snapchat can do everything from sending pictures, text messages and video chat with other people.

The downside of Snapchat is that people can screen shot the images sent and can embarrass the sender. This means users have to be careful of what they send to others especially if you do not know the other individual.

Snapchat is the perfect application for people who like to use various forms of media; for example, the picture messaging, the real time FaceTime and the text messaging feature that was added. This is why it is a better application than Instagram.

Even though Snapchat is better, it comes down to the individual and what he/she prefers. Instagram is more into the social media aspect than Snapchat because Snapchat focuses on the direct messaging feature.