FSZ: How do you like the new Elbow Room?

We asked students on campus what they thought of the new Elbow Room renovations that were made over the summer.


1. Syed Abich, Computer Science major

Syed Abich
“It looks a lot nicer from the outside, more cleaner and the people that work there are really nice.” 


















2. Steven Garibay, Criminal Justice major

Steven Garibay
“It just looks a lot more organized, it kind of has like a Starbucks vibe.”



















3. Ashley Baxter, Criminal Justice major

Ashley Baxter
“I just noticed it, it’s nice, everything is inside, it’s not a big improvement but it’s an improvement.”



















4. Miguel Lopez, Commercial Music major

Miguel Lopez
“Just from the outside it looks better, it looks like there’s more merchandise and you can see it clearly.”