FSZ: What do you think about the new food options in the Student Center?


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We asked students what they thought about the new food options in the Student Center.

1. Ingrid Disavow – Psychology major


“Personally, I like that they made healthier options available, but I feel that there should be more options that students [could] choose.”


















2. Alexis Suayan – Psychology major


“I like the options because we already had a bunch of Frantone’s, so it’s great that they made a change to the usual menu of food available at Cerritos [College].”


















3. Ricquelle Lopez – Dance major


“I really like it. It feels like it’s a great environment and it’s really helpful for all the students to be able to choose to change their health trend.”


















4. Andrew Vega – Culinary Arts major


“I really liked that they decided to make a change.”


















5. Jesus Pineda – Accounting major


“It’s a better environment, and I am looking forward to buying my lunch there for the rest of the year. It seems healthier than before and I love the new look to it.”



















6. Samuel Fiennes – Theater major


“It’s healthy for students because they don’t have to eat fatty filled foods all the time.”


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