Ways to unwind from school with technology

College can take control of your life, but that shouldn’t be the case. College students should keep their minds off the textbooks and assignments to find some comfort with their entertainment devices.

It isn’t a shock that our smart phones are great source for us to spend some quality free time. Nowadays, we have apps for anything.

For people who are into reading, the Kindle Reader app for Amazon can be very convenient. Most of the things you can find on the Kindle app are free.

You can find a lot of novels, short-story collections; you can even subscribe to a certain magazine that you like.

After going on an epic homework or study session, go on the Vine App. You can browse around for funny Vines to keep your energy up so you would be happy, instead of feeling grouchy the whole day.

Snapchat is another app that people should use. It’s really easy to use – you have the ability to see pics and short videos on the fly as well as send them to any friends or families.

Facebook and Instagram are also good to use to connect with friends. People can browse through Instagram to see pictures or interesting videos of what their friends are doing. Or, go on Facebook to message friends and see what the day was like for them and how they spent it.

Playing video games can also relieve some of the daily stress that college students go through during the day. Students should be able to pick up video games that don’t take that much energy to do and that are easy to pick up and play.

One of the recommended games for people to play is Minecraft because it’s easy to play and has nice piano melodies to calm anyone’s mood.

Another thing that people can use is Apple TV. You can watch Netflix, Youtube, HBO Go or Hulu Plus. Doing these things can help people unwind from a very tiring day at school.

College life can get hectic and busy for students, but they need to let loose once in a while. Student’s shouldn’t let school dominate their whole life.

No one should be scared about taking breaks because taking them might actually help you.

According to Cognition, taking short breaks from any kind of work can dramatically improve a person’s ability to focus on tasks for prolonged periods.

It’s OK to go on your Instagram or Facebook. Watch some TV/movies on Netflix or whatever other app you want to use.

Lose your self in a video game and have fun, you will feel less anxious and stressed with a couple hours of playing; Super Mario never hurt anyone.

Yes. Studying is important; and keeping up with homework and quizzes is something that every good student should do, but you shouldn’t put yourself in an early grave because of it.