Are some of today’s female artists really good role models?

Are some of the females in today’s media really good role models for teens? Probably not. Come on, there are twerkers; some in the shady areas of life make young girls think all these things are OK, when, in reality, it isn’t.

Honestly, today’s role models for women, well, there aren’t any. Women in the media are pulled into scandals and think that to be sexy or beautiful, you need to show off skin. That is no way to show how women are.

What about all the women in the past that fought for the equal rights? If they were alive today, they would be upset with all the women today. What happened to modesty?

The media, now in today’s society, has a large impact, especially on young females. None of these females in the media are good to look up to. Look at the examples – Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga; the list just goes on.

Now ask yourself this – “Do I really want my teenage daughter exposed to this?” Most parents would say “No,” but then there is this one dilemma –  the media is literally at the celebrity’s fingertips.

Honestly, looking at how women are portrayed and how they act now, women in the media just aren’t good role models for teenage girls. Take Miley Cyrus for example. She used to be a sweet pop country artist with her own T.V. show, but then when that was coming to an end, she hit you with her first overly sexy music video called “I Can’t Be Tamed.”

Then there is Amanda Bynes. This once sweet child actor has hit the bottom after having gone into a Twitter rage against Drake after having said some explicit things to him.

Then there is Lindsay Lohan. That one is self explanatory, seeing as her story is all over the media. But, hey, girls aren’t the only ones being heavily influenced by the media; guys are also influenced by the media, it’s just not as obvious.

Also, let’s not forget about a relatively new face in the media – Nicki Minaj. She claims to want to be a good role model, but look at her music videos – most of them are sexualized, which is what girls are led to believe is OK.

The media has women thinking they need to dress or act a certain way to uphold the standards that are believed to be the “qualities of a good woman.”

Seriously though, think about it. What does twerking have to do with being a good woman? What does clubbing every single night have to do with having a steady job?

Teenage girls need to put down the remote, shut off the phones and go talk to mom. Pick up those school books, because at the end of the day, it’s the education and skills of what mom teaches you that will get you on the right path.