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Windows | A battle of phones

The phone market has been dominated by the iPhone and Android. What if there was another phone out there? One that is great and refreshing? That phone is, in fact, a Windows phone.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Windows? Please, it doesn’t even have a working YouTube app.”

While that may be true, Windows has a lot of other great features that makes it better than the competition.

One thing that is prevalent about a Windows phone is the camera. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best camera out of any smartphone.

It has a 41-megapixel PureView camera. With it, anyone can take some amazing photos. Not only that, but within the camera app, there are a lot of different settings that the user can tweak to his or her liking.

The user can adjust the shutter speed, white balance, focus, sensitivity and brightness; heck, you’ll become an instant pro at taking photos.

Both Android and Apple do not even come close to the camera power of this Windows phone. The Galaxy S5 comes with a 16-megapixel camera, while the iPhone 6 comes at a laughable 8-megapixels.

When it comes to what phone has the better camera, the clear winner is Windows.

Since Microsoft released the Windows phone, the operating system needed an upgrade because a lot of features were missing, such as a notification center; being able to customize your home screen more extensively and other features.

Well, with the recent Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft added all those much needed features to its mobile platform and added some extra ones, as well. One of these extra features was Cortana, which is similar to Siri.

Cortana gives users a short-cut to make reminders, figure out the weather, find a place to eat and make other tasks easier.

Now, iPhone fans will quickly say that she is a Siri copy, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, Cortana may do a lot of the same tasks that Siri can do, but Cortana has a personality and can do other things that Siri can’t.

For example, if you ask Cortana to sing for you, well, she’ll literally sing you a song. Also, she has a bit of a personality; if you ask her “Who is your father?” she would respond by saying, “Technically speaking, that’d be Bill Gates. No big deal.”

One thing as to why many people stray away from getting a Windows phone is the interface.

The reason for this is because it looks different compared to an Android or an iPhone. Some think it looks confusing; others just flat out don’t like it, but the interface is surprisingly simple.

The reason why the interface is simple is because there is only one home screen, and when you swipe to the left, a list of all the apps that are on the phone pop up, all of which can be pinned to your home screen.

On the Android, there are a variety of apps on the home screen, and not only that, but there are these things called widgets, which are almost like short-cuts to access other apps.

The Galaxy S5, for example, has so many widgets, that it can make the user feel overwhelmed and, eventually, will give the user a sense of anxiety because it is a never ending cycle of infinite features.

As for the iPhone, it’s on the same boat as Windows, except there is no area to place your apps, other than the home screen.

So, if you have apps that you do not want to use anymore, well, they are going to stay on your home screen until you delete them, or make a folder; which can be cumbersome because there will only be folders on the home screen; which in turn, won’t look clean and will just look like a clutter of folders.

The Windows phone is in a confident third place when it comes to competing with Apple and Android, but there are features that can eventually give Windows the throne for best smartphone.

On top of that, with its simple and different interface, Windows can eventually have users switch over from the other platforms that look the same and that are too mainstream.

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Grester Celis-Acosta, Managing Editor
I am Grester Celis-Acosta, I will the Managing Editor for Fall 2015. This will also be my third and final semester at Talon Marks and Cerrtios College. A little bit about me is that I love video games and music preferably hip hop. When I’m not busy with school I either play some video games or I just listen to music and relax. Twitter: @GresterC
Instagram: @gresterc23
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Windows | A battle of phones