More illumination is needed at night

Maria Lopez

Dark parking lots can be scary at night. Hell, any dark place is scary at night.

Cerritos College is a big campus, and having a few light fixtures for such a great amount of space does not give one a sense of security, especially when students have to walk alone from their cars to campus or vice versa.

More light fixtures should be implemented around campus, namely the parking lot areas, as there is not enough illumination throughout certain spots at the college.

For students who take night classes, the parking lots around campus are a hassle to walk, especially when they have to park far away from their classes.

You’ll notice that despite some lights being present in some spots, it’s still not enough. It’s still an area of darkness that is simply not a safe environment.

The darkness adds an atmosphere of uneasiness, especially when one walks alone through a maze of cars and strangers. Walking in a dimly lit parking lot is not something people actually enjoy.

Sure, there are ways to feel safe when walking through the parking lots late at night.

Some examples would be walking with keys between your knuckles, walking with a buddy or having pepper spray in hand.

But these measures are only a few examples. Why go through these measures in the first place? Shouldn’t there be better lighting to begin with?

The new lights that have been installed at Falcon Square was a good idea, but the school should think beyond just what’s inside the cocoon of buildings on campus.

According to the campus police crime statistics, for the past three years there has only been one robbery on campus.

A good statistic, but this doesn’t lessen the reality that a robbery could happen to anyone at anytime, especially during the late hours of campus in the dark.

It would be better for the campus to have more lights in the biggest parking lots with the furthest distances from campus. Good lighting will make a big difference between feeling uneasy and feeling safe.

Students are not powerless. They can change the light fixtures in the parking lots. What can they do?

Well, students can talk to the campus police and ask for an increase in light fixtures in whatever spot they feel that they are needed.

After campus police is informed, campus police can then contact the Facilities Department, who is in charge of making changes like this on campus.

All it takes is simple consideration of one’s surroundings. Pay close attention to the parking lot late at night. And you’ll see that you really can’t see at all.

If students speak up, then those changes will become reality.