Students should keep campus restrooms clean

Maria Lopez, Online Editor

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Everybody has to go to the bathroom some time. As adults, one would assume that everyone would know basic bathroom etiquette.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for some people on campus. For some reason students out there (you know who you are) don’t take other people into consideration when in the restroom. This has to stop right now.

We are all adults here – I think. We should all know that the trash goes in the trash can and that flushing is important after doing your business.

The mere act of flushing a toilet escapes people’s minds sometimes. If it’s a one time mistake, then that’s OK. But, if you constantly forget to do it, then you have a problem, my friend.

I assume no one wants to have to deal with having to flush the toilet after someone else forgot to. If you’re OK with that, then you probably have a heart of gold.

Consider the brave people that have to clean the bathrooms for a moment.

They have a tough job to do: cleaning the toilets, taking the trash out, making sure you can go to the bathroom without any problems.

How inconsiderate can one be to just be gross and leave unspeakable things on the toilet seat?

Please do everyone a favor and make sure you do not leave the stall a mess when you leave.

Putting graffiti on the bathroom stalls also needs to stop.

You don’t know what I’m talking about? Check the bathrooms in front of the Teleconference Center.

“Inspirational” quotes and drawings of cartoons make these bathrooms look tacky and dirty. Keep those quotes and life advice on Facebook to yourself. This is not high school anymore. We don’t need to know your life drama on the stall door.

Whenever you wash your hands and dry them with the paper towels by the sinks, make sure your wet towels make it into the trash can. This is a simple thing to remember. If the floor is wet and there’s trash on the floor, don’t add to the mess.

So remember, keep it classy and contribute to the cleanliness, or else we shall all suffer. Not just one student, but all of them.