Don’t save the boobs, save the person

Carlos Holguin, Staff Writer

I hate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To clarify, that’s not me saying that cancer is not something people should celebrate or that we should not continue research and awareness for breast cancer.

People wearing bracelets and shirts that say “Save the boobies” or ” Keep a breast!” is well intentioned, but designed wrong. Yes, it is wonderful that proceeds from each item purchased goes toward cancer research, but the wording of the merchandise is sexualizing a horrible thing.

By using these phrases, we have implied to women that the only reason we want them to survive their cancer is so that they may continue being sex symbols for the rest of the world.

About one in eight women in the United States, about 12 percent, will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. I just hate how the entire month is treated when it comes to how support is shown.

Just go back a year ago when actress Angelina Jolie received a double mastectomy.

Very few news headlines focused on the fact that Jolie had an 87 percent chance to develop breast cancer, instead focusing on what it meant for her career as a sex symbol.

Turning a story about survival into a sexist message is wrong. You know what would affect Jolie’s career? Dying of breast cancer because she was too worried about how people would view her, instead of her own safety.

By making support for those who are diagnosed in the wrong way, you create an atmosphere that tells people that the breasts are more important than the person. You’re buying a shirt for the sake of getting a few laughs at the word boobies or breast.

So, yes, support those that are diagnosed and show your support. just do it in a more civliized way.