Fall semester graduates should be able to walk

Sebastian Aguayo, Staff Writer

The fall semester is coming to an end and a few Falcons will be soaring on to the blue skies.

They will ascend into some new challenges or enter a realm that they’ve never pictured before (I know – corny).

In other words, some students from Cerritos College will be leaving by the end of fall. That’s right, graduates will soon be lining up to receive what they’ve been working hard for during their time at Cerritos, whether it’s a Certificate of Achievement, a degree, a transfer to an exceptional school or maybe a combination of the three.

I know it’s hard to process that since there is no immediate way of showing it, but it’s very true. Graduates who finish in the fall semester land into a sticky situation unlike students who finish in the spring who get to walk in a commencement ceremony.

Fall students may participate in the commencement ceremony that’s held in the spring at the Falcons Stadium on May 16, 2015, but some paperwork is required.

Well, paperwork is required for all students, but this situation differs quite a bit.

Time and uncertainty becomes a huge factor in this situation, especially with an event that is being held nearly half a year away.

Students, especially fall semester students, who would like to reserve their spots to participate in the commencement ceremony must submit their “Request for Associate in Arts Degree/Certificate of Achievement” evaluation slip before February 18, 2015, according to the Cerritos College website.

However, even with that insurance, a few factors were left out that students or graduates from Cerritos College may encounter within that time span.

Situations like graduates who had the privilege of finishing before the spring taking off to another state to begin new endeavors at a new school.

Or, maybe the graduates will encounter obstacles that’ll make it impossible to attend the ceremony.

If not that, maybe they have simply forgotten about the paperwork required to participate in the event itself.

I mean, with all the make-time study breaks and late night textbook reading or just the simple fact that life gets a bit to hectic, it’s not difficult to believe the ceremony might just have been completely forgotten.

Graduates from the fall semester deserve a Commencement Ceremony for themselves. They should have immediate acknowledgement for their hard work, dedication and hunger to pass through Cerritos College.

They stood focused on their goals and set their eyes on the prize. Cerritos should have a moment to address the group of fall graduates, let them have their time to shine and be recognized in a whole different aspect.

The Falcons who graduated during the fall are looked upon as inspiring graduates because they’re the proof that it is possible to get through Cerritos College, despite the challenges or setbacks they might face.

An inspiration once every 18 weeks isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but more as a fuel to our fire, or maybe a spark to it.

The definition for commencement means “a new start,” so why not start a different tradition for a new generation.