Men can be feminine, too

Katherine Grijalva, Arts Editor

The word “femininity” appears to the public as having womanly behaviors, traits and displaying feminine roles since the day you are born.

But the truth is, femininity is socially constructed.

When we think about being feminine, we automatically assume it only refers to women. But we should really consider the fact that the term “feminine” applies to both genders.

Often we judge men who are a little too sensitive, dress well, cook, have manners, are chivalrous and overall are just great guys, as if men cannot by any means show emotion or be polite.

That’s just a stereotype, though.

Why is it that when women are tough, fix a car and have a leadership title (a boss or a supervisor), they are praised and admired for being hard-working, strong and independent? All which are masculine traits.

But when men step out of their “expected” manly persona, they are looked down upon and are viewed as weak and even called gay by some.

Men have the right to care about their looks – just as women – and they should not have to feel less about it just because society doesn’t agree with it. Today, it is not out of the norm to see males well-groomed with a fashionable style; in the fashion world, women are mainly portrayed on runway shows more than men.

If you have heard about metrosexuals – men who care about grooming and their appearance – you know that they do not necessarily have to be a homosexual to fall into that category. Metrosexuals tend to spend a large amount of time getting ready and also tend to spend a lot of money, too.

Some guys even wear make-up, which is supposed to be an extremely feminine trait, but it doesn’t make them less of a man compared to a woman who has facial or short hair and doesn’t like to shave.

According to the WebMD website, “Metrosexual men are very secure in their sexuality. They’re comfortable getting a facial or a pedicure. It doesn’t make them feel any less masculine or any less heterosexual.”

There’s the misconception that men are never supposed to cry, are always supposed to be in charge and are always supposed to be more successful than women.

Newsflash – some men need care and affection the same way that women do. Sometimes, men want to be pampered and don’t want to have so much pressure on them.

So, can males be feminine, too? Heck, yes. And they should embrace it. Be kind, be nurturing, be sweet and just be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.