Theatre productions should expand all over

Maria Lopez

The Theatre Department should make its plays available to watch on a multimedia platform.

This would increase the audience of the plays and would allow students an easier and convenient way to see them.

Going in person to watch the plays, while ideal, is not possible to those who work or who have other matters to deal with.

Allowing students to watch these plays on, say, a Vimeo stream or another outlet is better than not being able to watch the play at all.

While there is a lot of time and effort put into these productions, the opportunities to watch them aren’t that many.

Plays aren’t repeated for many years, so if you miss them one year there is no telling when it will be done again.

There is an advantage to having plays available online. They will be watched again and again. To students who love watching interpretations of theatre productions, this is the ultimate heaven.

It’s interesting to see how different variations of a play can come to fruition through college stage productions.

No one play is alike. Though the words may be the same, the actors, crew, director and stage decorations are not.

Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” done by the Theatre Department a few years ago is not the same as one that may be done in the future. This is why having the plays in digital format available to students would be amazing.

Individuality in stage productions bring out the best in theatre. It’s truly captivating being able to see different ways a play can be done by different people.

If people in California can watch productions done in England through the power of the Internet, students should be able to see the school’s plays, too.

Watching productions that were done many years ago today and those that will be done in the future would bring a way for Cerritos College students who are not theatre majors or who don’t know much about theater to connect with this part of school life and feel like they are a part of the experience.