The happiest place on earth to get measles

Alan Leyva, Freelancer

Instead of putting all the blame on Disneyland for the recent measles outbreak, you can put the blame on the people that didn’t get vaccinated.

Still, it’s pretty ironic that a place dubbed the “Happiest Place on Earth” is giving you and your kids measles. People have every right to overreact.

According to the “Fox News Insider,” measles was officially eliminated in the year 2000 due to lack of consistent transmission of the disease.

According to the Los Angeles Times, as of Jan. 28 there are 87 confirmed cases of the measles across seven states and Mexico. The illness gets brought back into the country through non-vaccination.

If you want to think logically here then yes, Disneyland charges about $700 for their annual pass to both parks without blackout dates.

You can pretty much consider these past weeks “blackout days.”

How are you going to explain to your five-year-old child that Mickey Mouse gave him a sore throat and an itchy bumpy rash?

This could make the common Disney park client wonder what else could slip through the cracks in the future.

Disneyland’s public relations would probably have a lot of cleaning up to do in order to gain the public trust that they won’t be getting sick at their parks.

Who knows, maybe it can be as extreme as thinking that the next Ebola strain could hit there and as a park with a relatively good brand, you wouldn’t want that.

Seeing your child get sick because of the park could definitely enrage any caring parent. One might even expect some kind of compensation for such events.

Yes, some children are too young to get vaccinated, but as a parent one should take the necessary precaution of considering not going to the park and putting the public at risk.