Public wins the Internet

Public wins the Internet

Monica Gallardo

The government sometimes makes questionable decisions, but last Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted in favor of net neutrality, keeping the Internet free and open to all consumers.

We should all agree that the FCC made the right call. The Internet is a broad utility that should not be controlled by any conglomerate.

It is not the government’s way of controlling the Internet, it is the FCC showing that it listened to the public demand for net neutrality.

Net neutrality keeps websites such as Amazon and YouTube open to all users, regardless of which Internet service provider you have.

Similar to the government’s checks-and-balances, the FCC will prevent Internet service providers from charging consumers for faster service.

Imagine trying to do your homework and having to look up an important article on the Internet, only to be stopped because you can’t afford quick, efficient Internet service. Whether you’re trying to watch a video or do research for an important paper, fair use of the Internet should always be free.

As students, it is important that we all have access to equal Internet service. We can’t do our work without the Internet and can’t afford to pay for faster service and be left hanging in the slow Internet lane.

The FCC made the right choice in keeping the Internet open, but the fight for net neutrality is not over yet.

According to The Los Angeles Times, large corporations that oppose net neutrality, such as Verizon and Comcast, can still sue the government for this decision.

That is why it is important that the general public continues to inform the government that it works for us, not the other way around.

We need to continue to use our voice to prevent the rest of the population from falling to another corporation.