The hero we deserve

Carlos Holguin

In a world where heroes grace our movie screens on an almost monthly basis, it is often hard to remember that real heroes, that wear their own uniforms, do exist. Service men and women, doctors, firefighters and police officers are just a few of the everyday people who the world sees as heroes without the need for superpowers.

Of course, any good comic book will tell you that any one of us can be a hero in the right situation, and some people took that to heart.

In 2007 Lenny Robinson, decided that the world needed him to be that hero.

Spending thousands of dollars to make sure every detail was as accurate as possible, Robinson became what many of us only dream of.

He became Batman, complete with a costume (based on the design from the 1989 film), and bat themed Lamborghini.

Robinson would go from hospital to hospital visiting sick children in the state of Maryland.

Handing out coloring books and toys, he would visit and for the briefest of moments let a child believe that superheroes were real and anything was possible.

“You see what’s going on. It has to be moving. Sometimes you’re crying on the inside, but you’re strong on the outside,” Robinson stated in a 2012 interview with CNN. “These are the real superheroes. It’s not me; it’s not you. They’re fighting for their lives every single day.”

Unfortunately, Robinson did not receive the farewell that heroes deserve.

On Sunday Aug. 16, Robinson pulled over on the I-70 freeway to check engine problems when another vehicle crashed into his car from behind, push his own car forward and killing him.

Local police released the news with a heavy heart stating they were saddened by the news, so the police were the first to release a video of him in 2012 when he was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Yet others have already arisen to carry on his work not for a chance at fame, but to fulfill a need.

In a country where news reports often show at least one reason to be afraid, heroes give us hope.

People like Robinson are proof that doing good is as simple as helping someone else, at any cost.

We all have the potential to overcome great odds, some of us already have, but help would have been appreciated at some point.

You can be that to someone else who is out facing their demons. Go out and be a hero.