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Trumps power trip leads to another scandal

Briana Hicks

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Social media was turned upside down on Friday, Sept. 18, when Donald Trump was caught in another jaw-dropping moment.

At a Trump rally in Rochester, New York, he was presented with a question regarding how he was going to get rid of Muslims.

His response was, “We’re going to be looking at that and many other things.” This isn’t what you’d typically expect from someone who is trying to become the future president of the United States.

In my opinion, he shouldn’t have openly condoned the man’s question because it just goes to show that he doesn’t support Muslims.

As a man who wants to be our future leader, he should not only support them 100 percent, but he should support all races.

Why is it that Trump is continuously allowed to run and spew his racist comments? What makes this behavior okay for someone who wants to become the president of the United States?

Trump’s answer didn’t stand behind the beliefs of what America stands for. When Trump said, “We’re going to be looking into that,” he openly showed the world that he didn’t care.

He’s not concerned with how he’s running the race. His only concern is the position of power.

He’s so focused on the power that lies ahead, that he doesn’t fully realize his ulterior, bigoted motives are out and in the open.

Honestly, the way that he responded to this man’s question should not really surprise America.

Trump on more than one occasion has shown his dislike for other minority races, specifically Mexicans.

He’s stated more than once that there are too many Mexican immigrants in America.

Trump continues to act this way because people let him think it’s okay. If he’s never gotten in any kind of trouble for the things that he says, then of course he’s going to continue to act this way.

Although, he is responsible for his actions, Americans are also responsible for entertaining him and taking him as a joke.

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Trumps power trip leads to another scandal