Street Fighter V will be a hit

Rob Flores

Nostalgia has its way of bringing out the inner child in all of us especially if you are a Street Fighter fan.

While “Street Fighter V” is not scheduled to released until 2016, Cross Platform play has been confirmed with PlayStation 4 and PC.

Personally Cross Platform play sounds very appealing to play a Video Game two different ways.

At the moment, the goal is for the game to be released some time before Thursday, March 31.

Leaked information for the newly anticipated video game has fans eagerly waiting to play.

While fans heard about a new fighting stage in Brazil, people wondered what was the motive behind it.

When producer Yoshinori Ono was interviewed on video, he was surrounded by Blanca Merchandise.

I thought it was sneaky of him yet smart to keep fans curious as to why adding a extra Brazil stage.

For years, Blanca has been a “Street Fighter” character from Brazil.

It was revealed however, that the new fighting stage is actually due to a new Brazilian character named Laura.

Laura is a formidable opponent possessing a background in Brazilian Jujitsu with attacks that produce electricity.

Laura also has a hair style that keeps up with today’s new trends.

Her fighting screen shots look impressive and it definitely makes you want to take her serious since she has Ryu in a headlock.

In addition to Laura; Street Fighters’ first Arab character Rashid and Nacalli will be in the game.

Interestingly enough, it was also leaked that part of the promotional plans was to reveal each character in their countries.

This speaks volumes as to how well known the “Street Fighter” franchise really is.

In addition, they have brought back “Street Fighter Alpha” character Birdie.

He hasn’t been seen since Alpha three, which will only make fans eager for more old and new characters in the future.

Upon watching videos of beta version game, you instantly notice that when a fighter attacks they each produce a different type of energy.

This particular feature comes off as a light “Soul Calibur” resemblance, minus the weapon usage.

Another feature that instantly appeals to fans is the V bar, which allows for a power up and rush through certain attacks.

When a V bar is half way filled, you can reverse another players attack.

I found it hilarious that Birdie will eat doughnuts and toss a soda can to through an opponent off their game.

A fun and easy way to grow your V bar is by taunting your opponent.

“Street Fighter V” is a video game you will want to buy next year and I for one can’t wait to play the final product.