High-speed rail system may not benefit all of California

Taylor Ogata

Looking at the map of California’s proposed high-speed rail system, not all of California is covered by it.

There are a lot of major cities on the map that are not planned to be serviced by the system.

According to hsr.ca.gov, the cities that are not being serviced include all the cities north of Sacramento and San Francisco, the central coast, the Sierra Nevada and the desert cities.

There are a lot of other cities that are not in the plans also, but how will Californians avoid traffic and the hassles of long-distance driving if their city or town does not have a train station?

For example, someone in Paso Robles wants to go to L.A. but does not want to drive 250 miles south on the 101 freeway, along with the heavy traffic and there is no train station in the city, there’s a problem.

Of course California is a big state, but there are also a lot of highways that can become jammed with traffic especially during busy travel periods such as holidays and some weekends.

Also, the highways that serve cities along the coast and mountains are undivided, two-lane roads that are narrow and winding which pose a higher risk of getting into a crash.

The reason why the government did not want to include the cities not on the map is because they want the line to be straight rather than having everything branch out, but the cities that are not serviced have a lot of people and they really want to avoid traffic.

Even in small towns such as Coalinga and Mendota, both of which are west of Fresno along Interstate 5, there can still be a lot of people who would rather take a nap, eat or drink, watch TV, or listen to music rather than drive a long way through congested traffic.

Interstate 5, for that matter, is the most used north-south freeway in California according to the Department of Transportation and can get jammed at any time any day.

From the Oregon state line to the Mexican border, there has to be another way to get around without traffic and hassles.